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Professional Photography  Policy

We have worked very hard over the last six years to create a beautiful place to come and relax. We have spent years hand planting, hand weeding and caring for our lavender fields. Our lavender plants are in their 7th growing season and have created a beautiful atmosphere. As such, many professional photographers have requested the use of our land, and the scenery that we have worked so hard to create for photography sessions. We ask that all photographers adhere to our polices and respect our land for your purposes.

We welcome anyone to come and enjoy our land, taking pictures for clients/families, senior photos, engagement sessions, etc. Please read our policies below:

1: We will not be charging a photography session fee this year. All photographers and their clients will be charged only the flat rate of admission to our lavender grounds. This flat rate is $5.50/person. Children 5 and under are free. We also ask that any photography tag us @newlifelavender when posting on any social media sites. New Life Lavender reserves the right to use any photos that are posted when tagging us on social media sites for our business use. New Life Lavender will give photo credit to any photo used. 

2: Because we have spent 7 years and hundreds of hours in manual labor, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars creating a beautiful atmosphere, we ask that all patrons:
a) Respect our Land by not littering. Please pick up all garbage, props, clothing, etc. There are garbage receptacles by the doors when you enter/leave the farm store building.
b) Respect our Lavender Plants. Please remain on grassy or mowed areas and off the black tarps for your safety.  Please do not pick the lavender as this is our main crop. Bouquets are available for purchase in our farm store when they are in bloom.  
c) Respect our Posted Signs & Restricted Areas, including the animals. Our animals are used to a certain diet, any feedings could harm them. We must ensure the safety of our animals and patrons, thus, our animals are only allowed for petting/viewing by our wagon farm tours. 
d) Respect our Wildflower Fields by staying on the wagon ride trail through the wildflowers. Please do not go off any trails as this will damage the wildflowers. Our wildflowers have been growing for 4 years, and any stomping down of the wildflowers will cause them to die. Do not make your own path in our wildflowers to get a better picture. 
e) Respect our 100 Year Old Stone Wall. Many photographers enjoy taking pictures inside our Secret Garden with the stone wall as a backdrop. Please do not climb or allow children to climb on the stone wall as it is over 100 years old. We ask this for your safety and to preserve what is there to enjoy.

3: Any Photography Sessions must be taken during our open hours this season 2022. Our open hours are 10 am- 5 pm. Photographers can come any Tuesday-Saturday during regular business hours. Typically, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays are our busiest days. There are usually hours between 3-5 pm  that are slower, so less people may be outside. All photographers and their clients must be off premises by 5:00 pm. We will charge $75 for every half hour that you or your clients are on our property after hours. (this does NOT mean it is $75/half hour for after hour sessions, it means you must be off our farm grounds by 5 pm, and if you are not, then we will charge a higher fee of $75/half hour that you are on the grounds past 5 pm). 

We do not accept appointments for evening hours. We often get quizzed about our policies as to why we don't accept evening hours. Let us explain. As a working farm, we get up before most people wake up in the morning and work to prepare for the day. We put in 12 hour days by 5 pm.  As a small business, we go home and work on more business related activities. We also get hundreds of requests each season for after hour sessions. But, if we stayed until 9 pm for each  photography request session, we would never get to sleep. So we respectfully ask that photographers and their clients respect our policies for photography. We have had numerous groups show up this year close to closing time and expecting us to make exceptions for their group. Please do not come to our farm expecting us to make the exception for your group for after hour sessions. We strictly enforce our photography policies for after hours.  

The second reason why we don't allow after hour sessions is because we do not charge for the use of our land and the beauty we have worked so hard to create for your photo opportunities, or for your profit. We simply charge a $5.50 admission fee. We have charged for photography sessions in the past, but have found that photographers were generally not very honest about if they were considered professional to avoid our photo session fees, and after one too many misleading discussions about what was considered professional, we decided this was going to be the new policies in place. 

That all said, we do appreciate our photographers who do come and respect our policies. We value you and have enjoyed getting to know you! 
4: Any photography or groups of people taking pictures for casual or professional purposes, including senior pictures, bridal parties, professional pictures of your children or clients' children, or family photos on our land after hours or days when we are closed would be considered trespassing, and will be fined higher fees. No exceptions.

5: Photographers and their clients agree not to deviate from our designated areas. We request that all photos be taken on pathways, or on grassy areas in front of the lavender, not in the lavender plants themselves. If you need a more surround shot of lavender, going 1-2 rows into the lavender will be permitted, but please do not step on or smash down the lavender plants, spikes, or any other part of the plant. We ask that your clients, families, pets and children do not run through the rows of lavender. No family pets will be allowed in our lavender fields. This is to help ensure the protection of our plants from any breakage which causes permanent damage or death of a plant. If we deem that any persons are not adhering to this policy, we reserve the rights to dismiss and end your session, with no refunds. 

6: Admission tickets are good for only the number of person(s) in your group on your selected day. We do not offer refunds on admission tickets. If you purchased an admission ticket online but need to reschedule for a different day, please contact us at You do not need to schedule/book a photography session in advance, you will only need to purchase an admission ticket to our farm grounds. ($5.50/person).  All props for photography sessions will need pre-approval. New Life Lavender reserves the right to decline the use of any prop, confetti, glitter or other decoration that could damage or litter our grounds.  Upon arrival, please check in at the admissions area inside our farm store.

7: Please use caution during the months we are open in 2022 as we are underway of a construction project on our property. Please use caution when entering and leaving parking lots as machinery may be around. Please stay out of construction areas when visiting our farm.

Thank you in advance for observing our policies and helping to preserve the beauty of our farm. 

Pets on the Farm  Policy

We love animals on our farm! We understand as our guests are traveling, and stopping to visit our farm, this means traveling with all family members, including family pets. Unfortunately, as we are ever changing our set-up on our farm, we have decided not to allow pets on our farm grounds this year. If you have a pet in tow,  pets will only be allowed in our parking lot. Our parking lot will be fenced off from the rest of the farm grounds this year, as we are charging admission fees to enter our farm. Here are a few guidelines to follow:

1: All pets (restricted to cats/dogs) must stay within the parking lot fenced area, being mindful of other vehicles parked in the lot

2: All pets must stay on a leash

3: Any waste must be picked up by pet owner

Thank you for helping us make our farm a comfortable place for everyone. 

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