Visiting our Farm in 2021



As we gear up and prepare for our 2021 Season, we are excited to share with you a few changes on how our farm is operating this summer. Please read our FAQs below for important information on what to expect.

When are you open for the season 2021?

We hold our annual 3 day Lavender Plant Sale over Memorial Weekend, May 28, 29, & 31. (Friday, Saturday, Monday).

Our farm is open to the public for the season June 5-October 2. 

What are your business hours?

Our regular business hours starting June 5, are Tuesday-Saturday, 10 am-5 pm. 

When is the best time to come and see the lavender in bloom?

New Life Lavender is a beautiful working farm that sits on 40 acres with a scenic view of the Baraboo Bluffs in the background. Our farm offers 25 varieties of lavender which blooms mid June-mid July. Each variety blooms and peaks at different times depending on a number of factors including weather. Some varieties begin mid June and end mid July. Some varieties begin in early July and bloom through the end of July. Typically we have our main harvest finalized by end of July. There will be a few varieties that bloom in September. 

As of August 13, 2021, we currently have most of our lavender fields harvested, but still have 1 field in bloom yet. 

Our farm is so much more than lavender. We have 8 acres of wildflowers that bloom all season, beginning June through October. Each week the wildflowers change over with a different beautiful show of flowers.

We've worked hard in the off season to add landscaped features to our farm. This year, we've added more patio space, a landscaped river through our lavender fields featuring koi fish and waterfalls. 

This all makes our farm a beautiful place to visit any time of the year, regardless of lavender in bloom. We think our farm offers a peaceful, scenic spot with rolling hills perfect to enjoy a stroll with friends and family, or to celebrate a special occasion in your life anytime June-October. 

photo credit in order l-r: Alison Van de Hei Photography, Ellen De Vries, Micah McReynolds

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how big is  your farm?

As stated above, our farm sits on 40 acres but we open about 25 acres to the public. We have 14,000 lavender plants, with over 25 varieties of lavender, & 8 acres of wildflowers to enjoy.


When you arrive at New Life Lavender, all guests are asked to enter through the front door. The parking lot is fenced off so please do not climb over or through the fences. When your enter our farm store, you can choose to do a number of things:

1: Shop in our farm store full of a variety of lavender skincare products.

2: Enjoy a lavender treat or two from our commercial kitchen. Menu's are posted by the cash register, where you can place your orders. Treats can be enjoyed on the patio outside (limited seating) or outside by the lavender fields (with admission). 

3: Take a Farm to Table Wagon Ride Tour ($12/person and includes admission afterwards to our farm grounds). More info on Farm Tours here. Petting the sheep is only accessible through our farm tours.

4: Take a stroll or a Self-Guided Tour of our Farm Grounds (Admission is a flat rate $5/person. More info on admission here). 

5:  Make a Custom Roll on at our Essential Oil Blending Bar.

6:  Have a coffee date with a friend and relax on one of our patios overlooking the lavender

7:  Pick your own lavender bundle by signing up for one of our U-Pick Classes during peak season

8:  Pack your own lawn chairs or blankets to enjoy one of our lavender treats

9:  Set up a professional photography session. Learn about our professional photography policies here.

10: Treat yourself with a breathe of FRESH AIR, taking in the aromas of lavender all around you. Come back every week to see the different wildflowers in our 8 acre wildflower field.  

photo credit (pic of pie: Amy Vande Hei)

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Admission Fees are a flat rate of $5/person. Children 5 and under are free. Admission Tickets are non-refundable and are good for the one day that tickets are issued for.  Admission covers entry into our lavender farm, including the lavender fields, 8 acres of wildflowers, our Secret Garden, our observation deck, our Pergola, our landscaped river, and the trails surrounding the 25 acres open to the public. Areas where the animals live are only accessible through the Farm to Table Wagon Ride Tours. 

Admission Tickets are NOT required to ENTER our Farm Store and shop or order from our menu of lavender treats. There is a patio outside with limited seating for patrons to enjoy. If this area fills up, patrons will need to purchase admission tickets to enjoy the farm grounds, or to use the other outdoor patios. In other words, Admission Tickets are only required for patrons who wish to enjoy our Farm Grounds Outside of our Farm Store Building. For more details on Admission and Ticket Policies, check out our Admission Tab.


We accept cash, credit, debit, American Express. We do not accept personal checks. 

Lavender Bundles

Do You Sell Lavender Plants?

Yes, we have a very limited variety of lavender plants that we propagate off our own lavender. We host our Plant Sale over Memorial  Weekend, May 28, 29, & 31, 10 am - 5 pm. You may wish to Pre-Order your lavender plants (for pickup in May) to guarantee availability. Instructions for planting guide and care is found here

what other events do you offer on your farm?

Each year, we offer classes during peak bloom season, typically during the first 3 weekends in July. Classes includes: 

  • U-Pick Classes

  • Lavender Wreath Making

  • Daily Farm Tours (read more about farm tours here)

  • Lavender Festival

Unfortunately, we have decided not to offer our Afternoon Teas any longer due to COVID.

Can i go out into your fields and pick a lavender bundle anytime?

No. Lavender is our main crop, and cannot risk damage to our delicate plants, so we have decided to set up classes where patrons can experience picking their own lavender bundles in a controlled setting. Our U-Pick classes are typically held in July (the first 3 weekends in July). Participants are taught how to cut their bundles and then brought out to our U-Pick Fields on our wagon ride.


If patrons do not wish to take the U-Pick classes or miss the classes, we have fresh picked bundles available for purchase in our farm store that we harvest every day while the lavender is in season, beginning mid June-mid July and often times, later in September. 

Do you host weddings or rent out your barn for private events?

Each year, we get several requests to host outdoor weddings on our farm. Unfortunately, we have decided that weddings are not the direction our farm is taking, so we are unable to host your wedding on our farm. We do not rent our building out for events such as bridal/baby showers any longer. 

However, many groups such as bachelorette parties, or family reunions have enjoyed our farm grounds and Farm to Table Wagon Ride Tours for a fun outdoor outing. 

Do you offer u-Pick Cherries?

While we have planted over 2000 cherry trees, our trees are still growing. We have suffered a heavy loss of cherry trees over the years, and currently have a small orchard. We are not expecting the cherries to be ready this year for picking. But we offer cherry products in our farm store, including our homemade Lavender Cherry Pie and a variety of cherry jams, salsas, chutney, cherry butter, cherry applesauce, etc. 

are you having a lavender festival this year?

Any announcements on future festivals or events have not been made. During the COVID pandemic, we are not able to hold festivals. But, we will hold smaller classes as we did on weekends, spread out over the course of 3 weeks in July. Stay tuned for any updated info on our Events Tab or our Facebook Page.

Professional Photography
professional photography

is your farm wheelchair accessible?

Our farm store and restrooms are wheelchair accessible. Given the nature of being a working farm, navigating on a scooter or wheelchair could be challenging as there could be uneven ground. But we do have wheelchair access to our closest lavender fields by a ramp off our back deck or through a gate off our side patio. 

For Farm to Table Wagon Ride Tours:  We have hosted assisted living groups and bus tours of folks using walkers in the past, so our staff will be available to assist in any way we can. But you should be aware that anyone should be able to take a few steps up into the wagon on their own. The wagon has 4 steps with a handrail and benches on both sides of the wagon to sit, as well as seating in the middle.  Our staff can not lift anyone into the wagon, but we can be there to support those who need assistance. We will be able to bring the wagon right up to the wheelchair accessible ramp to load for easier loading. 

is professional photography allowed? what are your fees?

Our fields and over 25 acres open to the public make a great venue for professional and amateur photographers. When our lavender is not in bloom, we have many other beautiful spots on our farm to enjoy for family pictures, engagement photos, etc all season June-October. 

We are changing our professional photography policy this year in 2021. Instead of charging a fee for professional photographers, we are only charging the flat admission fee of $5/person to enter our lavender grounds. We ask that professionals tag our farm, @NewLifeLavender, on any social media posts. If several sessions are lined up, admission rates will be charged per session, per person. More info on our photography policies are stated here. We ask that all patrons follow and respect our grounds as stated in the policies.

phot credit: Karmen Lindner Photography

can i bring my pets on your farm?

We love our animals, and we understand the difficulty when traveling with our furry family members. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not allow pets on our farm or in our farm store. For more info, check out our Professional Photography and Pet Policy page.

is smoking allowed on your farm?

We have a strict no smoking policy on our farm grounds.