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Farm Store



Our store has a wide variety of bath and skincare products,  lavender sachets and handcrafted fabric lavender products, as well loads of cherry items & our own homemade mixes for a quick dessert. We've put in our own commercial kitchen to handcraft our specialty Lavender Refreshments, as well our ORIGINAL Homemade Lavender Cherry Pie, and homemade Lavender Ice Cream. Every year, we work hard to develop new menu items and offerings in the store for you to enjoy!

We are seasonal agricultural tourism business. We are currently CLOSED.  You can shop our online store year round here. 

In the past, we have worked hard to expand our farm store in 2019, making more room for daily farm tours, larger groups, and bus tours. 2020 will boast over 12,000 plants, and a new Experience in our Farm Store! Laura has been working to bring you a Custom Essential Oil Blending Bar-where you can smell, and create your own custom Roll On, all the while looking out at our beautiful lavender plants! It's an experience sure to relax your senses! 2021 is sure to promise relaxation outdoors enjoying our new landscaped river, 14,000 lavender plants and over 8 acres of wildflower fields! 2022 involves new construction added to our farm store building for our expanding storage needs. Our farm now is home to 16,000 lavender plants in 2022 season. 

Live out of state and can't make it to our store? No Problem-Visit our ONLINE STORE 

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