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A Place of Peace & Rest

We're excited to prepare for our 8th Lavender Season. 

We've enjoyed serving our wonderful customers & meeting new faces each year. We're so grateful for all of our friends and followers. We've been blessed to hear your stories as you visit our farm, of how your times spent with family and friends has been impactful in your lives, and its so encouraging.  As caretakers of this 40 acre farm, this is what we envisioned for this land, and our vision remains the same as we continue on each new season. It's been a journey, for sure, to get started, but it warms our hearts to see and hear your stories of your gatherings. We can't wait to meet you!


01 Mark your Calendars

Plant Sale, May 24-25, 2024, 10 am- 5 pm

Pre-Order Lavender Plants Today

We sell out of plants prior to opening on May 24, so be sure to reserve your plants early. All details are listed in the Plant Sale Event here.  Admission to Farm Grounds is FREE this weekend only. 

02 Opening Day

June 1, 10 am- 5pm

Farm to Table Wagon Ride Tours begin at 11 am & 1 pm. Admission to Farm Grounds Rates Begin. Regular Business Hours begin: Tues-Saturdays, 10am- 5 pm. We're Open June 1-October 5, 2024.

03 Lavender Festival

June 28-29, 9 am - 5 pm

Stay tuned for more information on Events and U-Pick Classes.


When planning your visit to our farm 2024, please see our FAQ page to answer any of your questions here.

The best and quickest way to get ahold of us is through email at Due to the influx of calls asking about general information that is available on our website or on our FAQ page, we may not be able to return all phone calls pertaining to these types of questions. 

05 Peak Bloom Time & Photography

The Best Time to See Lavender in Peak Bloom is typically mid-June through mid-July. 

PHOTOGRAPHERS:   We will soon be releasing a link to reserve a time for our Friday Nights Evening Lights Photography Sessions. Available dates will be June 21- July 19, 2024, Fridays only.  Outside of our Evening Light Sessions, all photography sessions are required to be done during open hours, Tuesdays-Saturdays, 10 am-5 pm. A full list of policies is listed here.  Please read our policies PRIOR to reaching out to us & prior to arrival. Photographers and their groups must be off our Farm Grounds by 5 pm. Please do not come close to our closing time and expect us to make exceptions to our policies. Thank you.


06 Online Store

Even though our store/farm has been closed during the winter months, we've been working diligently preparing products and planning for our season 2024. We've recenly restocked many of our skincare products that you all love. You can support our farm by shopping online so we can continue to carry on our vision for everyone to come visit us! We handcraft 99% of all our wonderful lavender products, all with our high quality, home grown and distilled lavender essential oil. Shop Online Here​​


Keep us in mind for your gift shopping. Our products make great choices, a "one of a kind unique gift", for your loved ones and friends, co-workers, etc. 

If you run out of your favorite lavender products, you can place orders online through our online store tab .

What We Offer: 


We began in 2017 after we purchased an abandoned farm house sitting on 40 acre farm with gorgeous views and rolling hills. After experiencing personal hardships in our family, we saw a need for others to have a way to connect with friends and family to find hope and peace. And so, New Life Lavender started with a vision to create a place to come, relax by breathing in the sweet aroma of lavender and breath-taking views of our farm, and reconnect with one another despite the hustle and bustle of life. Over the years we've seen firsthand how our land is used each day for life celebrations such as anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, bachelorette parties, wedding and baby showers, or just loved ones and friends finding joy and encouragement with each other. Often times, friends and family spend one last time together as a loved one prepares to leave this Earth and pass on to the next. We love hearing your stories, as these stories create a bond that connects us together, with love and support for each other and a way to find peace and hearling. It hasn't been glamerous or easy, it's involved many years of back breaking work, sweat and tears. Years we've reflected back on and wondered how we were able to keep going, years where it felt like a money hole and wondered if we would ever get out of the red. But we kept going, because we believed it could somehow, and with our faith in God, knew in our hearts there was purpose behind the hard times which far outweighed immediate hardships. Today, we consider it a privilege to celebrate with you, in any season that you are in, for whatever special occasion or just because you need a wellness day, we are so excited to meet you and hear your stories. It's exciting to see what we believed in our hearts from the beginning for the purpose of this land, come to fruition each summer, through good years and bad, this is why we do what we do. 


We offer a wide variety of products in our farm store, homemade lavender cherry pies and delicious lavender drinks from our commercial farm kitchen to tempt the tastebuds, and educational farm to table tours which are all encompassing from lavender, fish, sheep, beekeeping, strolling through our herbal garden (our Secret Garden) and our lavender version of an English knot garden. 



E10766 COUNTY ROAD W  (1/4 mile west of Hwy 12 Bypass Exit 219 (between Wal-Mart & Pewit's Nest)



HOURS: We are currently CLOSED. 

Mark your calendars for our Plant Sale May 24-25.

Opening Day is June 1. Regular business hours begin June 1-October 5. 

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