Owner/Farm Manager

Aron is no stranger in the agriculture community as he was raised on a ranch in Kansas. He has turned his love for farming and expertise/ knowledge he has gained from his father in his years growing up into a passion for growing lavender and taking care of the farm animals. He is the farm manager and leads our Farm to Table Wagon ride tours, as well as all other farm projects that come up! Aron is also our lead baker for our lavender cherry pies, and puts his chemistry degree to work by developing many of the new products in our store. Aron and Laura make a good team as Laura does the design work and Aron carries them out through his long list of handy skills in carpentry and wood-working, hand building all the fixtures in the store and around the farm.


Our Farm to Table Wagon ride tours are all encompassing from growing lavender, cherries, beekeeping, meeting the farm animals and getting a first-hand experience on sustainable agriculture, as well as sampling all the wonderful lavender products as well as our specialty lavender cherry pie. To schedule a farm tour, contact us at


Owner/Store Manager

As a child who was always drawn to the creative arts, Laura has made a dream come true through the expression of herself through painting, sewing, creative/interior design, baking, and product design. Enter into a peaceful space where the interior design and many of the lavender products in the farm store are uniquely designed by Laura. She is also in charge of organizing/scheduling all events,  both private & public, speaking engagements, Afternoon Teas, and any projects detailing the farm store.


Our store offers unique lavender products, soaps, lotions, fabric items, our original homemade lavender cherry pie, specialty lavender drinks, fudge & board signs, candles, teas & more.  We also offer a space available to rent for your business meetings, bridal/baby showers, clubs, etc.  If you'd like to schedule a private afternoon tea for 10+ people, ask about speaking engagements, schedule a class/field trip, come out to farm for a tour with your private group or assisted living groups,   or rent our event space, please contact us at



Ever since Gabriel was a young child, he has been Dad's helper. As he grew into adolescence, he has taken a few of his parents adventurous characteristics and applied them to his own twist in life. He has developed a hunger for knowledge in many areas of life, one of them including beekeeping. He has read extensively for 2 years and talked with local beekeepers and learned the trade. He has experienced the ups and downs of starting a new hobby, the excitement and frustrations, how beekeeping affects our ecosystems,  and learning entrepreneurship and speaking skills at the same time. He plays a role in our farm tours by speaking and teaching about beekeeping. He also gives demonstrations during the lavender festival in July and all class field trips, where he engages fellow students. He sells his own lavender honey in our farm store, which sells out quickly.  So if you'd like to try this unique honey,  you'd better be on your toes as it usually sells out within a week after extraction, which is done on site by Gabriel and Aron. Gabriel has also taken up a new hobby in computer programming and has proved to be quite useful as he problem solves business endeavors by making programs useful for our business.  If you'd like to learn more about our farm tours, email us at


Caretaker of farm animals/farm photographer

When Micah was young, he was always drawn to animals. He has experienced the unconditional love and great connection that animals offer. So it made perfect sense to us that when Micah approached us about wanting animals, that a lavender farm should have animals also, and that quickly became part of our farm to table tours. Micah turned his focus on sheep and also researched for 2 years on how to take care of sheep, what kind of sheep to get and talked with local sheep farmers, and turned his passion and love for animals into a integral part of the farm tours by speaking about his animals, and letting you feed and pet them. He worked with Dad to set up the fence for his sheep. By the next season, 2018, he will have shares of sheep available for purchase. 

Micah has also peaked another interest, and is learning the art of photography and applying it to taking pictures on the farm. Micah has always seen the world from a unique perspective and photography has given him a chance to showcase his perspective from a lens point of view. We are excited to display his photos, which will be available for purchase next summer season 2018. 


Master of Playtime

Gracia has a fun personality and loves to interact with all guests who visit our farm. She immediately becomes a child's best friend by taking all the kids who come out to the playground. So for families who have small children, you're always welcome! You'll be greeted by a spunky girl who loves to play, and will invite your children to play outside with her! You'll also see her on all the farm to table tours, as she LOVES to ride on the wagon and talk about her fish! All farm tours are family friendly!

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Photo credit: Amy Vande Hei

Photo credit: Amy Vande Hei

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