Farm to Table Wagon Tour

Encompass your entire visit to New Life Lavender Farm, with our Farm to Table Wagon Tour for your whole family or you and a friend. Groups are encouraged.  During the tour, you’ll see firsthand how sustainable agriculture works-what we grow in the ground goes through a process to reach the kitchen table.  


You’ll be treated with an hour long educational presentation about lavender, cherries, enjoy breath-taking views of the Baraboo Bluffs while you ride in our wagon around our 40 acres of land, enjoy our 5 acre wildflower sanctuary for bees,walk through our Lavender Knot Garden and Secret Herbal Garden, have an opportunity to watch the intricacies of a bee hive through our observational beehive, and learn about our sheep and fish.  Then come back to sample our signature lavender cherry pie and enjoy shopping other products/treats from our farm store.


Farm tours are $12/person flat rate and include:

  • Tours are 1 hour

  • Short video presentation

  • Guided tour of our lavender and cherry fields, observation beehive, and sheep/fish

  • Wagon ride around our 40 acres 

  • Enjoy our 8 acre Wildflower Sanctuary for Bees and Butterflies

  • Sampling of our signature Lavender Cherry Pie

  • Due to COVID--our tour times are limited until further notice to one time each day, Tues-Thurs at 11 am, and Friday-Saturdays twice a day at 11 am and 3 pm. If we don't have enough reservations to run a tour during your scheduled time, we will contact you to reschedule.  



Buses welcome! Please contact Laura at to schedule a private time. Due to Covid precautions, we are having to adjust larger groups/bus tour groups. We will not be able to do a full wagon tour ride, instead we will offer to do a walking tour of the farm, socially distanced, with all the same presentations and educational experiences that the wagon tour brings, and will serve any food items in to go containers.


We are open June 6- October 3, 2020,  Tuesday-Saturdays. Reservations for our Farm Tours are requested & STRONGLY ENCOURAGED but not required.  See above for COVID changes in times for tours. However, we do recommend if you have a large group to reserve your time and space ahead of time. Making a reservation is the only way to guarantee a spot for you.


Register for our Farm to Table Tour below.  Once you register, we will receive your form through email, and put your time slot on our calendar. You will also receive a confirmation email.  

If you make a reservation and are unable to come, we kindly ask that you contact us at to let us know you are not able to make it, so we can let others enjoy the tours in your place. 

In the event of inclement weather: we will still do scheduled farm tours in the case of light rain/drizzle. We just ask that you bring umbrellas and dress appropriately. If there is heavy rain, lightening and the wagon part of the tour is not feasible, we will still work to accommodate all educational presentations indoors for large groups. We will not hold any events/tours during tornado warnings for the safety of our guests.

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